A boat up to 8 meters long takes less than 15 minutes to clean.


The MINIWASH trailer is driven backwards on a launch ramp. The boat is pulled hydraulically onto the trailer where it is secured by the operator.


The engine is switched off and the boat is prepared for cleaning without a crew.


The boat is pulled on the rotating brushes. Depending on the degree of pollution, 1 to 2 passes.

Maximum size of the boat

The MINIWASH can wash motor boats up to 8 metres long, 3 metres wide and weighing up to approximately 2,800 kg.


The MINIWASH consists of a boat trailer with two brush units at the rear. The hydraulic system is installed in two lockable stainless steel drawers at the front of the trailer. The trailer is equipped with a winch that allows the boat to be pulled onto the trailer.

Power supply

MINIWASH machines are hydraulically operated. They are connected on site to a 400 V three-phase, 16 AMP power supply. A generator can be used to optimize mobility and access. Under the brushes, there are two half drums to collect deposits.


The MINIWASH is equipped with a hand-held remote control that controls the winch and brush rotation functions.